Century Rods

Our rods are manufactured in a state of the art factory based in the UK that is equipped with the most up to date technology and machinery.


Sling Shot Series-  Moderate–fast, crisp action rods, the Sling Shot series is designed for long-distance plugs and bait. The moderately fast action, combined with a quick recovery, gives all rods in the Sling Shot series optimum performance. The rod’s maximum distance and fish-fighting ability is uncanny with aerodynamic plugs and bait. The Century Pro Staff counts on the Sling Shot.




Stealth Series- The Stealth Series is a slower action parabolic rod with a ton of backbone. These rods are best suited for throwing eels, darters, dannys and any other lipped swimming baits that are not aerodynamic. The slower recovering action prevents extra tumble that a faster action rod will produce in the non-aerodynamic plugs.




Nor'Easter SeriesNor’Easter Series- The Noreaster series of rods is a 1 pc. designed just for the North East fisherman. The rod features a rough (un-ground) finish for extra strength, and also better durability in rocks and other rod breaking terrain. They have a special wind of carbon in them, and for guys using spinners, (ATT) Anti-Twist Technology. This keeps the blank spine inline, throughout the cast and fight with big boys, even with the rod twisting torque of spinning guides. Rod blanks were meant to be bent, not twisted. They’re also processed through our autoclave which makes the best composite available. We have added one other little bit to the construction of the blank…a woven carbon flag around the bottom half of the blank which adds extra fish fighting ability, more power in the cast and extra guard against rocks and bottom end breakage common with wetsuit fishing, and using your rod as a walking stick. Great distance, great bend to fight fish without being over powered in heavy current, and its light, so it won’t wear you out after a full day of swimming, wading, walking, and fishing.



Full Metal Jacket Series

Full Metal Jacket Series – Based off of the famed Century carp rod, The FMJ could be called a more refined version of the 144L, or the ultimate pencil rod, or the ultimate pompano rod, or the ultimate roosterfish rod…. It’s hard to say what species it works best for but it isn’t hard to say that it is an ultimate rod! With the moderate tip it works plugs like nobody’s business, it throws bucktails a mile and has just the right action in the tip to hang a pompano in the corner of the mouth every time with a circle hook.



Carbon Metal SeriesCarbon Metal Series – The Carbon Metals represent a specialist group of rods with a distinctive “carbon metal” upper butt section. Each rod has a proven track record and with multiple awards, tournaments and match success – they are established workhorses for an angler looking for a rod that will deliver performance. The Carbon Metals have an action kind of like the old Pinnacle Absolute but longer and MUCH lighter in weight. They are produced with a “Fo-Cal” butt section, meaning the stiffest point of the rod is underneath the foregrip/reel seat and it tapers to the top and bottom of the rod, making it load like a re-curved bow. The Carbon Metal Series has built a reputation of loading with ease, while boasting great return.



Tip Tornado SeriesTip Tornado Series- The Tip Tornado started a trend in the early ’90′s which has progressively evolved into today’s complex yet easy to use – low diameter rod. A low profile rod has the edge in transferring energy in the cast. There is a time in every cast where the bait accelerates from the launch point – that moment when the rod feeds back vital information to you and the compression and release are harmonized with directional control. The Tip Tornado has always delivered this vital requirement with its unique action. The design gives better stability in gusty conditions. The original spirit of the Tip Tornado design has been retained but advances in technology over the decades has enabled us to make the latest generation of Tip Tornado rods even better.



Kompressor SeriesKompressor Series- The Kompressor range has been proven over and over again as well as constantly improved since the first designs created a big surprise on casting courts and match circuits. Kompressor are characterized by a smooth, easily controlled casting action for all styles – overhead, off the ground or pendulum. The Kompressor WR300 was the first rod ever to cast over 300 yards at a UKSF Grand Prix – yet all Kompressors have highly desirable rough to mixed ground fishing qualities. Kompressors are highly rated not just by tournament casters but by the endorsement of thousands of sea anglers who enjoy the benefits owning a model from this range. Kompressor rods are an awesome crossover rod for the beach angler who wants to be competitive on the casting court too.



Eliminator Series

Eliminator Series- A close cousin of TT-R featuring a sub 1” diameter butt section and similar performance with a slightly slower action and given a controlled casting arc, a late load and a hit with everything you have and the E1000 jumps to life to take on fast tidal rips, deep water, rough ground and heavy seas. The Eliminator has been used for shark fishing not only on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but around the world. It also has a good reputation as a tournament rod for 125- and 150-gram weights.



Excalibur Series

Excalibur Series- The Excalibur range comprises 3 distinct models and all feature the most advanced materials and processing technology ever used in a high performance surfcaster. A significant reduction in tip weight delivers increased performance and enhanced sensitivity whilst new methods of blending carbon fiber enhances energy storage and consequent release into tip speed. The recovery in the tip is very fast to allow smooth line flow between Fuji K guides. All models have been evaluated over a full season on demanding venues and have delivered quantified results and success.



Total Tournament Series

Total Tournament Series- There have probably been more 300 yard recognized and officiated casts on TT-R than any other rod ever made. The TT-R has been used to create all the official World distance casting records on 100gram, 125gram, 150gram and 175 gram. A superb rough ground fishing rod used by competition anglers to win numerous big match results. Improved and refined over many years of experience and design feedback featuring AT-T (Anti Twist Technology), Gearbox Design and Autoclave Technology.